Essentially You Holistic Therapies

Created by an holistic therapist, reiki master and fully qualified IFPA Clinical Aromatherapist. An individual who is absolutely besotted with all things reiki and aromatherapy.

As a reiki practitioner and aromatherapist Gemma continually explore ways in which she can fuse these practices together, to create bespoke experiences for each client that comes through my door.

Whilst Gemma has always created bespoke blends, 2020 has given her an opportunity to explore this more deeply. She has been using her skills and knowledge of Aromatherapy and the chakras to create balancing blends aimed to support the mind, body and soul.

When clients and customers began to reach out for products for home use, she noticed that three key concerns were arising: tiredness and mental fatigue, irritability and ‘mind fog’ and most commonly of all irregular sleeping patterns which was to be expected considering all of the uncertainty we have been experiencing.

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