How It Works:

  1. Book in via email at [email protected] or Pre-Order via our online store
  2. Have your clean empty containers at the ready
  3. We bring the shop to you!
Its that simple.

 Minimum order:

Make sure your containers are clean and dry before refilling.
Please leave your containers out for us while covid restrictions are in place.
We will fill your containers and process your order for payment.

Payment Methods:

Contactless Payment: Pay by card or with your smart phone.

Please wait for the green light, and boop to make payment.

Cash: Please if you’re paying with cash, could you put it in an envelope for us.

Please note, the home refillery is a local service for Hinckley, Burbage & Surrounding Areas.

Not sure if we’re in your area? Reach us through our contact form or Facebook page.


Alternatively reach us by email at [email protected]