BEN Coffee Co. Night Fox Coffee 1kg


Night Fox Coffee blend with Ugandan Drugar & Nicaraguan La Estrella is a perfect coffee for espressos or nice strong every day coffee.

Ugandan Drugar:

This classic natural process coffee of the Ugandan Drugar from Uganda displays a traditional profile brightened by fruity notes. It works very well as an espresso blend component.

DRUGAR stands for Dry Ugandan Arabica, and coffee growers across Uganda have been processing coffee this way for generations. Our Drugar comes from various smallholders across the country.

Nicaragua La Estrella:

This lot comes from 126 producers very near to the border of Honduras. It is a sweet, balanced, and full bodied coffee. We have used it both as a single origin espresso and batch brew, and it performs well all the way across the board.

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VARIETY: Bourbon, Caturra, Catui

LOCATION: Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

TASTES LIKE: Marshmallow, Cocoa, Hazelnut

ELEVATION: 1200-1700m

GROWER: La Estrella


CERTIFICATION: Relationship Coffee


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