BEN Coffee Co. Coffee Tasting Gift Box


Five Great Coffee’s all in one box.

The perfect gift box for that coffee enthusiast or coffee tasting beginner.

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White Fox:

High-grown in Costa Rican just up to a medium roast to bring out a lingering honey sweetness that compliments the gentle, almost tea-like acidity. A relaxed, mellow cup, perfect for a lazy afternoon.

This grade A Uganda Kapchorwa coffee comes from Uganda’s Kapchorwa district on the eastern border of neighboring Kenya. This is a high grown lot of washed, 100% shade canopy, mixed varietal arabica coffee. In the cup our Uganda Kapchorwa coffee is spicy with a citrusy acid, good body and some nice light earthy and woody notes—very good and also different than Kenya and other African coffees.

This Uganda Kapchorwa coffee is grown by a group of small farm holders within the region. These farmers share access to a wealth of growing and processing resources including four greenhouses, an arabica nursery for adolescent saplings, and a washing station with eco-pulping capabilities. Banana trees grow alongside the coffee, contributing to the 100% natural shade canopy. Almost a thousand individual farmers contribute to the overall lot. Each manages their own 1.0 hectare farm and is responsible for the production of about 1,000 arabica trees. While the majority of the nation’s arabica is grown here on the slopes of Mt. Elgon, the Kibale Forest on the country’s western border supports a substantial growth of native robusta.


Night Fox:

Perfect coffee for espressos or nice strong every day coffee.

This classic natural process coffee of the Ugandan Drugar from Uganda displays a traditional profile brightened by fruity notes. It works very well as an espresso blend component.

DRUGAR stands for Dry Ugandan Arabica, and coffee growers across Uganda have been processing coffee this way for generations. Our Drugar comes from various smallholders across the country.



Cherries are picked ripe with repeated sweeps of the same plot occurring every couple of weeks or so. If not taken to a local collection processing centre, known as a CPU, beans are pulped and fermented at home to prevent spoilage before being taken by the cooperative as cherry. Here it is processed and collated before being transported in parchment and offered for sale through the Tanzanian Coffee Board, which distributes samples to exporting companies and auctions the lots. Once bought, the coffee is further ‘milled’ by Mambo’s facility in Morogoro which means any defects are removed, the beans are laser colour sorted, hand-picked if needed and then bagged.



A rich history of coffee cultivation in Peru has resulted in this incredibly clean and complex offering. Surprisingly sweet with notes of floral citrus, El Guayacan is the pinnacle of quality in Peruvian coffee.

In the Andes mountains of northern Peru, at the edge of the Amazon, the producers of Cajamarca have banded together to improve quality, increase productivity, and advocate for fair trade. Although it’s the second largest coffee growing region in Peru, it is also the poorest. The cooperative now enables the smallholder farmers to produce extraordinary coffee in this perfectly suited environment, while also offering fair compensation. The El Guayacan shows a depth of complexity in it’s chocolate-like sweetness and light floral qualities. A shining success and bright future for Peruvian producers.



Only the ripe cherries are hand-picked prior to processing. We roast the coffee light, giving a rich fruity peach and lychee flavour and gentle sweet acidity.



You can expect delicate fruit, cherry and low acidity in the cup.

In Ethiopia it is not uncommon for coffee to grow in forests. As a result the wild coffee trees benefit from the natural shade. Bench Maji coffee is harvested by hand at an altitude of 900 to 1200 metres.

Bench Maji is a union of 65 primary coffee cooperatives based in South West Ethiopia. The union was set up to market outstanding coffee while improving the lives of the farmers and their families. While only starting in 2005, it has over 130,000 Smallholder member farmers.



Located in the South of Huila, Colombia, about a 180 km away from Neiva.
Timana region has great soils and a high altitude – the perfect environment for growing speciality coffee.
Timana is the land of a heroic woman “La Gaitana” famous for her love for the community and courageous life in defence of her people during the Spanish regime. The history of this town was first developed by ancestral Indian settlements known for their hand made mud vessels.
As an icon of freedom, this town of heroes is well represented in the spirit of the coffee farmers who live to cultivate and offer the best coffee cup.
This Origin showcases Sweet Apple acidity, Lemon Citrus & Stonefruit.



Grown at high altitude in Mexico.

The flavours are distinct & mellow with notes of a candy like sweetness and sweet toast.


Foxy Decafe:

The Swiss Water decaffeinating process removes caffeine using the water from the coast mountains of British Columbia.

This is a 100% chemical free process unlike other decaffeinated coffee. This Strictly Soft Fine Cup (SSFC) Cerrado meaning “Central Plateau” is a gorgeous cup of coffee. A decaffeinated coffee, where finally the taste is not compromised.


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