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Shop with Clean Provisions, for clean provisions!

There’s an enormous pressure to create less waste, but there are minimal options available day to day.

We work with suppliers who consider their packaging and use only widely recyclable glass or biodegradable card and paper. We pride ourselves on supporting local makers and stock only British Made products which helps to minimise pollution created with import.

When you shop with us you also have the option for eco friendly refillable cleaning products & toiletries on delivery so we can reduce our waste further! Offering you the options to make much needed changes, with ease.

Clean Provisions are just that.

Every day provisions, created with a cleaner future in mind.


R E F I L L S ,   D E L I V E R E D .

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The zero waste movement with reusable and natural alternatives to the usual supermarket brought products, breaks the unsustainable and wasteful production/consumption cycle.

It not only looks beautiful in our chosen containers but it keeps our waste reduced to kinder levels for our infrastructures, our planet and our future.

A refillable and reusable approach reduces pollution
from extraction, manufacturing and disposal. Reducing and reusing means fewer products are made, as people buy less and as products are made to last.


our products

All products we stock are eco friendly and made using natural ingredients. Want to know some interesting facts on why going natural is good for us?

Studies have shown that exposure to nature can help reduce stress levels and may even improve cognitive performance. 

Natural materials tend to use much fewer toxins in their production process and tend to be more hypoallergenic, which can be a real life changer for anyone suffering from heightened allergies.

You can also feel safer disposing of the products once they finally have worn down. Natural materials decompose better and cause much less harm to the environment. As a bonus, their longer life means you will not only be generating better waste but less of it too.


Closed loop

A closed loop? Thats right.

A circular economy is one way we can truly cut down on our waste. Unlike the traditional take-make-consume-dispose approach, a circular economy seeks to respect environmental boundaries through increasing the share of renewable or recyclable resources while reducing the consumption of raw materials and energy.

All of our refill products are in a closed loop, meaning we refill our refills! Dont you just love responsible manufacturers.

plant a tree

So exited to partner up with the UK based – Just One Tree.

They are a non-profit initiative removing CO2 from the atmosphere through global reforestation

Trees are the primary method we have for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Without planting more, we’ll not survive as a species. And if cleaning the air we breathe wasn’t impressive enough, trees also filter our water, stabilise the soil, form complex ecosystems, supply us with medicine and create sustainable incomes.

Trees are carbon sinks, absorbing the pollutants put into the atmosphere.